Returning Cycle I : Circular standing glass sculpture with three transparent sections dividing the form

Year : 2018
Dimensions : H57.0 x W55.0 x D12.0 cm

Richard believes there are many elements of life that are cyclical, but these cycles work with variance and change rather than repetition, they continually evolve, which means the cycles never return, they loop continuously.
It follows then that the reason for us to “return” is to look for the new and learn from the differences, taking into account other life cycles that we may have produced and influenced, such as plastics, carbon and our environment and we need to examine our position within these cyclical events.
The form of Returning Cycle is a physical exploration of this this concept.

Returning Cycle has been made using the open cast method, which produces one completely flat side uppermost in the mould when the glass is cast. Richard sculpted the cast to create the form fully in the round. Richard has been working with and developing this method for nearly twenty years.
Once the form was completed, there was an extremely lengthy process of mark making, engraving, surface working, polishing back and finally fully polishing. These different processes allow Richard to open up and obscure different views into and through his artwork and bring a texture and language to the sculpture.