Photo copyright : Matthew Andrews

Exchanging Luminance : Museum Commission : Monumental Glass Light Steel Sculpture

Year : 2010
Dimensions : L500 x H230 x D120 cm

Monumental glass light steel sculpture, Exchanging Luminance, was a prestigious Museumaker commission won by bRichard in 2010.

Richard was commissioned  to create a permanent monumental glass, light and steel sculpture for the courtyard entrance of award winning museum The Lightbox in Woking, UK.

Richard created Exchanging Luminance, a sculpture that draws people into the courtyard garden of The Lightbox and so on into the museum.

This monumental glass light steel sculpture has ‘choreographed’ slowly colour changing LED lighting, which enables the sculptures appearance to change according to the light levels and time of day. Exchanging Luminance illuminates the garden through winter afternoons and summer evenings.

The form of Exchanging Luminance was inspired by the architectural aesthetic of The Lightbox: line, plane and volume. The images, worked into the three glass elements, derive from objects and paintings in The Ingram Collection, an important collection of Modern and Contemporary British art at The Lightbox, and from Woking’s Story.

The monumental glass, light and steel sculpture Exchanging Luminance is approximately 5m long by 2.3m high. This Museumaker commission enabled Richard to work on a larger scale than previously. He had used lighting in his work before, but it was the first time he had had the opportunity to ‘choreograph’ changing colour sequences.

Museumaker was a prestigious national project involving 16 museums across the country. Museumakers aim was to unlock the potential of collections through imaginative interchanges between the heritage and contemporary craft sectors. It was supported by Arts Council England, and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and its Renaissance Programme.