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Jackson Fawkes Glass Art Studio

The Jackson Fawkes glass art studio occupies part of Stafford Mill, a 250 year old historic landmark in Stroud’s ‘Golden Valley’, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Cotswolds, England, UK.

Dedicated to creating unique glass sculptures their glass art studio is large and well equipped, enabling them to take on projects of varying scale and continue to be experimental when ideas demand.

Making their own work Sally Fawkes and Richard Jackson have a highly knowledgable and intimate relationship with glass which is reflected in the facilities that they have built up over the years, from several large kilns of different types and sizes for kiln forming glass to areas for original model and mould making in various materials to extensive tooling to sculpt and cold work glass.
Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes set up their first glass art studio in 2000, and moved to the present site in 2005.

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Excited to see my new Eternal Exchange revealed after hand silvering. 😊 
So far so good on this development, the form, carving and mirroring of this new glass sculpture are working together as I had intended. Something unexpected can always present itself when working with materials. Still alot of work to be done before it is finished. I’ll post a pic when it is finished.
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We are both delighted to have been selected for the British Glass Biennial 2024!
The artists work has been selected to present the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last two years. Work by established artists and emerging talent will be on display, including 21 students. 

We are looking forward to being part of this important exhibition in the calendar of glass exhibitions in the UK again. 
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I (Sally) have been teaching @_glass_and_ceramics on the island of Bornholm, Denmark for 20 years now to teach the introduction to glass casting on the Batchelor Craft course. It is a very busy week!

We start by making simple clay models that the students set up as static glass casts. 

While these casts are in the kiln the students create three dimensional models with undercuts in modelling wax, manipulating the wax by hand. The moulds they make for these are more complex lost wax casting moulds and are larger. 

While these moulds are steaming out we move on to the fun of making hot pour gelflex moulds of objects of the students choosing. These range from vegetables to toothbrushes to rocks to candlesticks to toy guns to even, one year a whole chicken carcass. 

While their gelflex moulds are cooling and solidifying the students start on their next challenge. They are all given a very plain wax vessel which, by any means they choose through experimentation, they transform into a unique vessel. This third round of mould making means the students stretch their skills further by having scaled up again.

They also make glass casts of the objects from life that they made rubber moulds of.

The first simple static casts come out of the kiln just in time to get a few hours of cold working time on their objects before I head home. 

While this is all going on there is the technical side of all the aspects of casting glass such as firing cycles, different mould materials, working temperatures, different glasses, heat reactions, and a whole host of variables that require consideration when learning the process and… lest we forget the all important weaving of creative ideas into the fabric of making. 

Thanks for a great week @lagriffff @_indio4ever_ @agnethe.marqversen @antonella.fiumara , Leo, @ninabornholm @vikikert , Kenneth. 
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Following on from the 20th anniversary of Collect art fair, @londonglassblowing are presenting a special exhibition of fresh creations from their portfolio of British makers. You can see these three pieces of Richard’s there. Exhibition closes 31 March.
1. From Past Memory XIX
2. Silent Reduction
3. Returning Cycle II
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