• Exhale : Jackson Exhale : Jackson Fawkes exhibition at Buscot Park country house and gardens

    29 March – 30 September 2024

    Photo © Russell Sach

    two people smiling looking up at monumental glass spire in front of a stately home in the sunshine
  • Recent Museum Acquisition

    Eternal Exchange XXVI by Sally Fawkes
    Musée du Verre François Décorchemont, France

  • Richard Jackson

  • Sally Fawkes

  • In Collaboration

    Richard Jackson & Sally Fawkes

  • New Perspective at Glass Futures

    17 January – 17 December 2024

    monumental glass sculpture in atrium style reception area of building
  • Museum Exhibition : Inspirer Expirer

    Musée du verre François Décorchemont, France – 2023

Glass Artists

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes are highly regarded, established British glass artists creating unique, exquisitely crafted glass art sculpture, from the intimate and monumental in scale.

Exhibiting internationally with leading galleries and working to commission, their fine art glass sculptures are found in corporate, private and museum collections around the world.

They both create solo artworks as individual artists as well as working together in collaboration.
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Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

New Perspective at Glass Futures : St Helens : UK

17 January – 17 December 2024

Reflecting the vision of Glass Futures, New Perspective, a monumental glass, mirror and wood sculpture by Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes will take centre stage in the reception atrium of this organisation building a sustainable future enabled by glass.
Glass Futures

Exhale : Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, UK

29 March – 27 September 2024

Exhale, the first solo outdoor exhibition in the UK of Richard and Sally’s glass sculptures will be presented in the enchanting landscaped grounds of Buscot Park, a late 18th century National Trust country house.
Buscot Park

Our Ocean : Rachel Bebb Contemporary : Hampshire : UK

11 May – 8 June 2024

Our Ocean will show work by artists interpreting their thoughts about the beauty of our oceans, whilst addressing the threat posed to them by human activity.

The summer exhibition, which closes on World Ocean Day on 8 June, will convey the beauty of the natural world and encourage people to value, protect and nurture it.
Rachel Bebb Contemporary

Withiel 2024 : Withiel Sculpture Garden : Cornwall : UK

26 May – 30 September 2024

Withiel, Lemon Street Gallery’s sculpture garden, is fast becoming an international centre for modern and contemporary sculpture, exhibiting works by many leading artists.

Every year a fascinating exhibition inspired by the natural beauty of a historic estate is opened alongside a dynamic lineup of events and activities.

Fresh Air Sculpture : Quenington Sculpture Trust : UK

16 June – 7 July 2024

A celebration of Contemporary Art in a beautiful country garden.
Fresh Air Sculpture

Unfocus : Galerie Internationale du Verre : France

5 July – 28 September 2024

Annual exhibition bringing together the work of more than 30 artist from around the world all working on a single theme.

CGS New Horizons : Stourbridge Glass Museum : UK

13 July – 25 November 2024

This exhibition will showcase new work by the Contemporary Glass Society’s (CGS) that has not been exhibited before, made by over 20 invited artists, using both traditional and modern methods of glass making. This contemporary work challenges and explores the boundaries of glass.

Stourbridge Glass Museum

British Glass Biennale : Stourbridge : UK

26 August – 28 September 2024

Established as the largest show of contemporary glass in the UK the artworks have been selected to present the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last two years.

British Glass Biennale

En Verre et Contre Tout : Charleroi Musee du Verre : Belgium

11 October 2024 – 9 March 2025

Translated into English, In Glass, Against All Odds is an exhibition of the work of 7 artist couples creating artworks in collaboration.
Charleroi Museum of Glass

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Sculpting glass is not exactly what you would call glamorous 😂 To cut into the cold solid glass requires diamond (sometimes stone, but we mostly use diamond) tooling. Here I am using an air driven dremmel running at 25,000 RPM (hence the high pitched continuous scream (that constantly reminds you of being in a dentist waiting room) with a heavy duty coarse diamond sintered burr to create repeat patterned surface cutting. When working on cold formed glass at high speeds you need to do it in water to avoid the glass cracking as heat builds up from the energy of the spinning tool. Having versatile tools at hand is crucial for any sculptor. We love ours! 
The piece Sally is working on is off to an exhibition in France soon. 
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I (Sally) have come back down to earth with the inspiration for one of my latest ‘Eternal Exchange’ glass sculptures and it is all about  Lichens! Here I am experimenting with engraving detail, (on scrap float glass for now!) inspired by my lichen sketches, that I will etch onto the polished surface of the crystal clear optical glass volume. 
Have you ever been transfixed by the intricate beauty of lichens on a rocky seashore? When you start to explore lichens more closely they become endlessly fascinating and you start to realise they are all over the place. 
To my surprise I found out that Lichens are not plants, they are in fact mini ecosystems of fungi and usually algae. The lichens fungi and algae symbiotic relationship (although some would say it is not truely symbiotic) is very successful and stable and resilient. Lichens survive in environments that we consider hostile. They thrive in deserts, at high altitude, can survive temperatures near absolute zero and can continue to grow after being subjected to 1000 rads per day for two years (a single exposure of 400 rads is fatal to humans).
The European Space Agency conducted an experiment in 2005 where two species of lichen were launched into space and when in orbit were subjected to the vacuum of space  for two weeks. When the lichens were brought back to earth they did not appear to have suffered any damage to their health. 
This narrative and more about lichens sparked the beginnings of this new Eternal Exchange which will be exhibited for the first time in ‘En Verre at Contre Tout’ at @charleroimuseum in Belgium opening in October. 
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Excited to see my new Eternal Exchange revealed after hand silvering. 😊 
So far so good on this development, the form, carving and mirroring of this new glass sculpture are working together as I had intended. Something unexpected can always present itself when working with materials. Still alot of work to be done before it is finished. I’ll post a pic when it is finished.
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We are both delighted to have been selected for the British Glass Biennial 2024!
The artists work has been selected to present the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last two years. Work by established artists and emerging talent will be on display, including 21 students. 

We are looking forward to being part of this important exhibition in the calendar of glass exhibitions in the UK again. 
#selected #selectedwork #biennale #glassart #britishglassbiennale #britishglass  #britishartists #artistmade #sallyfawkesglass #richardjacksonglass #exhibition
I (Sally) have been teaching @_glass_and_ceramics on the island of Bornholm, Denmark for 20 years now to teach the introduction to glass casting on the Batchelor Craft course. It is a very busy week!

We start by making simple clay models that the students set up as static glass casts. 

While these casts are in the kiln the students create three dimensional models with undercuts in modelling wax, manipulating the wax by hand. The moulds they make for these are more complex lost wax casting moulds and are larger. 

While these moulds are steaming out we move on to the fun of making hot pour gelflex moulds of objects of the students choosing. These range from vegetables to toothbrushes to rocks to candlesticks to toy guns to even, one year a whole chicken carcass. 

While their gelflex moulds are cooling and solidifying the students start on their next challenge. They are all given a very plain wax vessel which, by any means they choose through experimentation, they transform into a unique vessel. This third round of mould making means the students stretch their skills further by having scaled up again.

They also make glass casts of the objects from life that they made rubber moulds of.

The first simple static casts come out of the kiln just in time to get a few hours of cold working time on their objects before I head home. 

While this is all going on there is the technical side of all the aspects of casting glass such as firing cycles, different mould materials, working temperatures, different glasses, heat reactions, and a whole host of variables that require consideration when learning the process and… lest we forget the all important weaving of creative ideas into the fabric of making. 

Thanks for a great week @lagriffff @_indio4ever_ @agnethe.marqversen @antonella.fiumara , Leo, @ninabornholm @vikikert , Kenneth. 
#kilncasting #artschool #craft #bornholm #mouldmaking #glassknowledge #glass #glasscasting #steaming #inthestudio #glassstudent #students #coldworking #coldworkingglass #busyweek #kadk #glassstudio #glasswork #teachingartist
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