From Past Memory XVIII : Pure clear glass sculpture with floating calligraphic carved abstract markings

Year : 2022
Dimensions: H53.0 x W19.0 x D6.5 cm

Richard’s series ‘From Past Memory’ has its origin in a visit, 35 years ago, to the ‘Ring of Brodgar’, a Neolithic henge and stone circle, on the Mainland Isle of the Orkneys.
The experience left a lasting impression, of ancient memories lost in time, but with the ability to partially communicate with us now, by stirring thoughts and our imaginations as to what might have been and possibly what could be in the future.
These feelings can be invoked by many places whether man made or natural, ancient woodlands and hidden water courses will also often stir these ‘memories’.
The pieces in this series draw on the individual stones in the ‘Ring of Brodgar’ for the inspiration for the basic form. The drive for each piece is to make something beautiful and whole, that stands before us with its own presence, hinting at a greater memory of time, place and knowledge.

The pieces in this series are open/static cast in optical glass, then sculpted in the round to a highly finished polish. The final layer of language is animated surface carving and surface textural mark making.