Final Carrier Forgotten XV : Tall transparent cast glass sculpture, internal veils with engraved carved detail

Year : 2023
Dimensions : H70 x W26.5 x D14 cm

Richard has been making transparent cast glass art works in his Final Carrier Forgotten series since 2003.

His ongoing artistic exploration of the idea of humanities quest for knowledge continues to deliver different visual manifestations of glass sculpture to inspire us.

Gathering, storing and disseminating knowledge has been integral to the growth of healthy societies. This process has taken many forms over the years, employing the technologies of each age.
Developing and combining the physical imagery of sailing ships and computers gives form to this series, while a visual language developed within the context of transparent cast glass explores the storage and display of information.

Final Carrier Forgotten XV featured in Richard and Sally’s joint exhibition, Inspirer Expirer, at the internationally important Musée du Verre Francois Déçorchemont in Conches en Ouche, France in 2023.

You can view the exhibition catalogue here.

Final Carrier Forgotten XV has been selected for the British Glass Biennale main exhibition which takes place in August 2024.