Winter : Monumental 200kg cast glass sculpture commission

Year : 2015
Dimensions : H180.0 x W90.0 x D22.0 cm

Winter, a monumental 200kg cast glass sculpture, sits comfortably in its environment with a commanding presence, slicing the air as it reaches up.
Planes and curves flow over the form in harmony with the landscape beyond. Grey blue streaks of colour run through the body of the glass suggesting contours of the land, winter skies and icy waters.
The whole piece is highly polished drawing the surrounding landscape into the body of the glass.

Winter was conceived as a single solid cast. 1.80 m tall and 0.90 m wide, weighing 200kg, a monumental project in the context of casting glass.

Inspiration for Winter was taken from the surrounding landscape, its form and structure as well as its history of agriculture and cultivation. Ancient tools from the stone and bronze ages were also a source of inspiration.

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes were commissioned through The Garden Gallery to create Winter completing a cycle of 4 sculptures, representing the four seasons, in a large private walled garden.

When developing ideas for site specific projects they researched into the history of the landscape the sculpture was to be sited and got to know the client and his motivation for commissioning the sculpture.

The client is passionate about the environment and agriculture and to Richard and Sally’s delight he also has a strong interest in ancient tools. When talking with the client Richard and Sally found that they had several different areas of common interests and this was very helpful in opening up areas for investigation whilst developing their approach to Winter.

Winter is a landmark sculpture in the artists careers.