Planes of Motion : Clear reflective glass garden sculpture

Year : 2011
Dimensions : H207 x W80 x D40 cm

Clear reflective glass hovers at eye level mid way where two curves of stainless steel elegantly part again and curve up towards the sky.

The clear glass is highly reflective offering changing reflected images when you see the sculpture from different view points. The volume of the clear reflective glass has been carved into and soft engraved patterns have been worked around the outer edge of the glass.

We all refer to degrees, levels and planes of emotion and compassion, understanding and perception, but how do we transition from a feeling of mild joy to one of extreme euphoria or between a lesser or greater understanding of something.

An experience of some kind must occur to stimulate a change of some description. Sometimes all you need is a slight movement to see a new aspect of something long known, or to see something completely new.

Planes of motion is a physical representation of the concept behind this idea.

Planes of Motion featured in Sally and Richard’s exhibition Inspirer Expirer at the internationally important Musee du Verre Francois Decorchemont, France in 2023.
You can view the exhibition catalogue here

Planes of Motion is part of Sally and Richard’s exhibition Exhale on display in the parkland setting continuing an avenue of trees and echoing a nearby fir tree at Buscot Park, National Trust country house and gardens in Oxfordshire, UK for the duration of their 2024 season. Buscot Park