New Perspective : Large Glass Mirror Wood Sculpture

Year : 2016
Dimensions : L244.0 x H175.0 x D50.0 cm

New Perspective was first exhibited in an exhibition titled Reflection curated by Jaquiline Cresswell at Salisbury cathedral in 2016.

Two glass columns, each with its own history and its own language (of mark making) are linked by a path of mirror, a path of light with a history of its own, inscribed along its length. In every aspect of the glass in New Perspective light is bent. Your line of sight is altered, showing new images, offering you a new point of view, alongside the old; showing new and multiple images in old settings. You can be seen in a new position then imagine the paths that can lead on from there. Gaining a new perspective.

Time To Reflect

On reflection I changed my mind

On reflection my mind was changed

On reflection I understood more

On reflection more was understood

On reflection I saw more

On reflection a new perspective was seen

On reflection the most precious thing, is time to reflect.
by Richard Jackson