Unified Balance : Three glass spires set on a stainless steel spiralling column

Year : 2012
Dimensions : H187 x W45 x D45 cm m

Using the circle to represent completeness, wholeness, and universality, the sculpture rises in a twisting movement to a triangle; the strongest and most stable of forms.
In turn the triangle supports three glass spires of pure optical glass. Looking through these glass elements gives you three different perspectives, framed by individual carved texture and engraving.

Three glass spires each with individual detailed deep carved decoration and surface engraving are set on a stainless steel structure of a rounded triangle which is elevated by three columns that twist to form a spiral. The three columns rise from a circle that hovers just above the ground.

The overall sense is of a balanced and harmonious whole.

Unified Balance is part of Sally and Richard’s exhibition Exhale at Buscot Park, National Trust country house and gardens in Oxfordshire, UK for the duration of their 2024 season. Unified Balance is sited in the intimate setting of the walled garden. Buscot Park