Notational Movement XXVI : Small Carved Optical Glass Sculpture

Year : 2022
Dimensions: H17.0 x W15.5 x D9.0 cm

Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes’s ‘Notational Movement’ is an ongoing development, a creative dynamic of three dimensional studies in glass that observe the changing environment and changes in environment in abstract form.

The forms serve as canvases upon which the pair sketch observations in an abstract language of carved lines and gestures. The final pieces are tangible recordings that are also reflected into further dimensions, seen in the mirrored plane on the bottom of each sculpture, challenging the understanding we perhaps thought we had.

“As the world changes and develops around us we all have to adjust and make our own personal changes to be able to work within our own environments. These changes by their very nature must be experimental.” says Richard.

The ‘Notational Movement’ series is a haptic response to this idea, with each piece showing an incremental development, a new first step, working to understand a changing place in this world. Testing and observing at the same time.