Aspire : Tall Elegant Optical Glass Spire Set On Arcing Forms

Year : 2016
Dimensions : H220.0 x W90.0 x D10.0 cm

Aspire quietly carries a visual positive uplifting aura in this optical glass spire.

Aspiration is a common thread through all human history, the drive to improve on a technical or societal level is something unique to humanity, an abstract advancement from purely personal improvement.

A broad strong base supports a vertical movement of light captured in a polished optical glass spire with carved detail climbing up the edges reaching for the sky.
The transparent optical glass spire of solid glass contains transparent veils that offer an association akin to mountains as found in Chinese painting.

Aspire featured in Sally and Richard’s exhibition Inspirer Expirer at the internationally important Musee du Verre Francois Decorchemont, France in 2023.
You can view the exhibition catalogue here

Aspire is part of Sally and Richard’s exhibition Exhale at Buscot Park, National Trust country house and gardens in Oxfordshire, UK for the duration of their 2024 season. Aspire is sited on the north lawn in front of the house. Buscot Park