Midpoint Diffusions VIII : Fine Art Glass Sculpture

Year : 2019
Dimensions: H20.5 x W12.0 x D7.0 cm

Fine art cut glass sculpture Midpoint Diffusion VII is one in a series that captures Sally’s experiences of the entwined relationship of nature and mankind on her research voyages at sea, aboard tall ship ‘Trinovante’, in the Arctic waters around the norther Norwegian coastline.

Sally morphs the harsh lines of towering human made interventions placed amongst vast organic land masses and expanses of sea that she witnessed in optical cast glass. Symbolically the hewn section is eroded  from the block. Bands of mirror wrap around the sculpture creating repeating reflected images inside the sculpture. The exterior bands of colour are reminiscent of the fata morgana that Sally was fortunate to experience many times when at sea. The expressive engraving demarcates memorable images expressed in pure line.

The title for this series, Midpoint Diffusion, emerged from one day, half way through the voyage. Trinovante was sailing across a vast expanse of open sea. The intensity of the situation was extarodinary, the world diffusing from their navigational point. They were half way between Walton-on-the-Naze, on the North Sea coast of Britain, where Trinovante rests during the Winter, and the North Pole.