Eternal Exchange XXV : Conical silver glass object studded with antiqued carvings

Year : 2023
Dimensions : L41.5 x W41.5 x H20.0 cm

Sally’s Eternal Exchange series of crystal clear glass sculptures with dynamic energy filled interiors express experiences of earthly, unearthly places.

Sally’s Eternal Exchange series originated in 2018 from Arctic region research sea voyages around northern Norway; initiated by experience of physical motion and interchange of the elements land, sea and sky.

Recently Sally has developed the series to encompass wider research thoughts around continuous energy exchange across hidden depths of the universe, from atoms within ourselves to the matter of black holes. Sally is using crystal clear glass as a metaphor for space.

The conical silver glass form of Eternal Exchange XXV is studded with a scattering of antiqued silver carvings that are circling a point which appears to be vanishing into infinity.

Sally is working with the fact that light is central to our lives and has so many unique properties and is central to research in sciences and new discoveries with its interaction with matter offers a changing place.
The Latin word for mirror, ‘speculum’ gives us the verb to speculate. Sally’s sculptures invite you to immerse yourself in the complex realm of what you see, what you think you see and so what is potential. Each piece is a timeless, associative narrative, with many possible outcomes.

Eternal Exchange XXV featured in Sally and Richard’s joint exhibition, Inspirer Expirer, at the internationally important Musée du Verre François Décorchemont in Conches-en-Ouche in Normandy, France in 2023.
You can view the exhibition catalogue here

Eternal Exchange XXV has since been selected for the British Glass Biennale 2024 – 26 August – 24 September


Selected for British Glass Biennale 2024

Featured in Sally and Richard’s exhibition
Inspirer Expirer at Musée du Verre François Décorchemont, France in 2023