Eternal Exchange XII – Silvered Vessel Shaped Glass Sculpture

Dimensions: Diameter 27.5 x H10.0 cm

A silvered vessel shaped glass sculpture hand made with carved intrusions which when viewed through the solid volume of glass are internal protrusions with subtle variations, some pronounced, some eroded, others disappearing from sight.

Mercurial space, always in motion, created by hand silvering on polished curved planes opens up new dimensions, at times remote, that seemingly were not there before.

Layered, textured outer polychromatic painted surfaces, rich in their visual absorption are alluringly tactile. Eternal Exchange XII is a timeless, associative narrative, with many possible outcomes.

Sally often researches at sea around the Arctic coastline of northern Norway recording the complexities and drama experienced whilst face to face with the edgy power and alluring delights of the constantly shifting mood of the environment and its entwined relationship with humankind.

Her ‘Eternal Exchange’ series has evolved from her voyages, experiences of earthly, unearthly places. In this series of cast glass objects, various forms and scales have emerged.