Jackson Fawkes

Fawkes and Jackson are husband and wife, and share their studio in Gloucestershire. This gives rise to a fairly unique situation where both create their own individual sculptures as well as coming together to collaborate, creating pieces with a third distinct voice.

In 2008 Fawkes and Jackson had an exhibition at M.A.V.A., Madrid, that showed the first 10 years of both of their solo artwork and the beginnings of their collaboration. Since that time this collaboration has grown, becoming a more and more important part of each artists practise.

“We both find this way of working very liberating and rewarding and it has been very positive for both of us, in all aspects of our work.” says Jackson.

They collaborate in the truest sense of the word, with the two of them having input at all stages of the making of a piece. Their individual views and ways of expressing themselves combine to bring a synergy to their collaborative artworks.

Fawkes comments that the collaborative process is very organic. “We have never sat down and discussed roles. From the first drawings, which are usually done together, to the final stages of engraving, carving and colour application, the whole process just seems to flow.”

Both artists are members of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

Photo:  Ian Berry – Magnum Photos