Vice VERsa Sally Fawkes solo exhibition, MusVerre, France

PUBLISHED BY: Sally Fawkes

MusVerre is presenting ‘Vice VERsa’, an exhibition of new works by Sally Fawkes that immerses the visitor in a reflection of the Avesnois region.

The museum invited Sally to undertake a 3 month residency working exclusively within the subject of the local Avesnois region. Sally explored the multiple realities of the Avesnois area,  focusing on relationships between humans and their environment.

The extensive workshops of the museum were Sally’s home for the duration, the hub of her explorations and experimentation. Taking on the role of observant guest, Sally set out to discover the land that opened up before her, and above all the people who have shaped and settled in them; discovering local activities, lifestyles, social history; industry; interwoven patterns of bocage countryside, the network of rivers and streams. Together they create a wide variety of mappings, all differing in terms of their meanings. Sally started out on her artistic journey by taking photos, making sketches, researching historical documentation and engaging with the residents. Meticulously documenting traces of the past marking each inch of the land, Sally then used them as a basis for her work. Capturing emotions in visual narratives, narratives that reveal the visible and suggests the invisible.

Shaping a resolutely personal vision in her three dimensional narratives, ‘Vice VERsa’ reveals a space of glass and mirror. Carefully worked detail rich in multiple layers of meaning are infused with multiple narratives. Scales of information present themselves as you meander through the exhibition. The mirror’s impact and natural reflections on our perceptions invite us to take a closer look at the complexities of the world.

Exhibit Details

Vice VERsa

27 October 2018 - 17 February 2019

76 rue du Général de Gaulle

+33 (0) 3 59 73 16 15